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Escola de Osteopatia de Barcelona (EOB)

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Changes in postural stability after a myofascial trigger point treatment
Effects of the correction of the upper cervical area (C1-C2) on the active cervical rotation: a comparison between specific adjustment technique (SAT) and a muscular energy technique (MET)
Changes in sleeping patterns in colic-suffering babies treated with osteopathy
Neck pain and temporomandibular joint dysfunction
Cranial technique in tentorium cerebelli: analysis of its effect on the orthostatic balance
Benefits of osteopathic treatment in patients with functional constipation
Effectiveness of osteopathic manual treatment in non-specific chronic cervical pain. Pilot Study
I.Influence of postural changes using total body adjustment technique in patients with chronic constipation. Pilot Study
Evaluation and treatment of recurring back pain through deep muscular activation. Quasi experimental study
Effect of osteopathic treatment of cranial sutures in patients with functional dyspepsia. Number of cases
Effect of the dog technique in the fourth thoracic vertebra in patients with subacromial syndorme. Pilot study
Prevalence of somatic dysfunction in the scapular girdle in patients with supraspinatus tendinopathy . Observacional Study
Effects of lymphatic drainage in patients with liquid retention. A descriptive study.
Efectiveness of visceral osteoapthic treatment to decrease back pain in patients with an herniated disc. A experimental study
Effects of osteopathic manipulation of the cervical fascia in tinnitus. A cuasiexperimental study
Effectiveness of visceral manipulation on hip range of motion in patients with an old appendectomy. A pilot study
Effectiveness of Total Body Adjustement versus ultrasound on quality of life of patients with cervical pain. A pilot study
Osteopathic treatment and quality of life in women with tensional-type headache
Effectiveness of the Upledger technique on the diaphragm in patients with essential arterial hypertension.
Effectiveness of the osteopathic protocol for chronic nonspecific low back pain in a private osteopathy consultation. A pilot test.
Osteopathic treatment of the pelvis pain on the 2nd pregnancy trimester. Randomized clinical trial
Prevalence of Cranial torsions in astigmatism. Case series
TBA treatment effect in patients with supraspinatus tendonitis. Epidemiological study
Effect of treatment through supplementation and osteopathy in patients with irritable colon syndrome. Pilot Study
Effects of release of respiratory diaphragm in the position in bipedestation of sedentary patients. Pilot Study

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