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British College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Effects of active and passive stretching of hamstrings on knee range of movement
Comparison of neuromuscular technique and muscle energy technique on dorsiflexion range of motion
The effects of harmonic body rocking upon cardiovascular responses to acute mental stress
The effect of Buteyko breathing on carbon dioxide tolerance
The effects of the menstrual cycle on core stability
Cutaneous blood flow changes in the contralateral upper limb to that receiving hot hydrotherapy
A comparison of the effectiveness of the Scottish douche and alternating Sitz bath in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhoea
The effect of respiratory muscle training on metabolism
The effect on lumbar range of motion from hamstring muscle group MET in females
The effect of tensor fascia latae MET on illotibial band pressure pain threshold
The effects on lung function of the cold double compress
The temporal effect of a high velocity thrust technique to the lumbar spine on cutaneous blood flow in the lower limb, comparing smokers to non-smokers
The relationship between peak torque and peak SEMG of the VM and SM during isokinetic knee flexion/extension
Investigation into the affectivity on cutaneous blood perfusion of different application time lengths of cold hydrotherapy
Investigation into changes in laxity and flexibility across the menstrual cycle as measured by lumbar range of motion
A comparison of the effects of strain counterstrain and positive visualisation techniques on the cervical mobility of musicians
The effects of cold pack application to the forehead and the thoracic spine on blood perfusion to the upper limb
An investigation into the effect of 'psyching-up' on the maximum strength of the muscles involved in flexing and extending the knee joint
The effect of muscle energy technique on the hamstring muscle group and contralateral hamstring muscle activity
Investigating the effects of the menstrual cycle on body density
The effect of lumbar high velocity thrust on cervical range of movement
Comparing effects of MET and hydrotherapy on combined atlanto-occipital and atlanto-axial joint range of motion
The effect of visceral manipulation on lumbar spine ROM
An investigation into the effect of cervical spine HVLAT on cutaneous blood flow in the lower limb
Do diaphragmatic muscle energy techniques effect the blood flow in the lower limb?

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